IBM Platform Computing


IBM Platform Computing hired me full-time to keep guard over the corporate brand, design marketing collateral, assist in demand generation, and keep the website up-to-date with the latest content, design, SEO and usability standards. During my time at Platform I was privileged to work with a team of copywriters, printers, account executives, and marketing specialists that allowed me to take the corporate brand to a new level while keeping the look & feel within the brand guidelines.

My first project was the review of public facing assets such as the website, email campaigns, and registration forms. It didn’t take me long to self-train on Plone (content management system) and Marketo (marketing automation software) to assist the marketing team with their campaigns. Soon we had a complete inventory of online assets, all pages brought up to spec with the latest design and assets, and beautifully designed HTML emails that worked with all major mail clients (Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo, and Windows Live).

Next reporting and analytics became a priority and I quickly began to track visits from our email campaigns, to our website, to our various registration forms with customers being scored and reported on in real-time before being sent to a team of telephone representatives. I was able to analyze the traffic our campaigns were generating to better understand the market as well as our customers.

Once our digital strategy was laid out it was time to focus on the assets themselves. Keeping track of revisions, creating templates, and correctly inconsistencies became a fun task all the while we were creating new media such as billboards, trade shows & magazine ads

After a year of employment, Platform Computing was bought by IBM and we were asked to migrate our systems over to IBM standards. The website moved from Plone to Websphere and marketing moved from Marketo to IWCM. After a quick study of IBM’s design and CSS standards I was able to create full HTML mockups for the rest of the team to evaluate before we completely switched over. After a month our new website was up and running and after six months all our assets were migrated into the new systems.