Barguys is a startup that was looking for a professional, fun, and creative identity to stand out against the surrounding competition. During the brief it was clear that the rich history of alcohol would play a role in the design. Traditional yet modern, serious yet playful, and corporate yet independent.

The logotype, Brandon Grotesque, was influenced by the geometric-style sans of the 1920s prohibition period while being optically corrected for better legibility. The combination of thick and thin weights complement each other and create a playful relationship between ‘bar’ and ‘guys’. The Japanese mixing spoon is a symbol of a master mixologist and represents quality over quantity and exceptional pride taken in ones work. Reading left to right the logo moves thick to thin, the placement of the spoon over the type creates the illusion of a bar

As Barguys expands I’ve been asked to work on many marketing and design related projects such as a custom HTML5/CSS/JQuery website, a cocktail database/API using PHP, MySQL, and Javascript, HTML emails, content strategy plans, SEO and Analytics.