Why Embrace Social Media?

How do you see your company’s presence on the internet? Do you ever wish your organization was a little quicker to embrace the digital world as a means of customer service and marketing? Just as traditional websites were exciting ten years ago, there is an amazing new generation of online tools that can bring your business up to par with some of today’s smartest marketing technology. While a website may speak to your target audience, social media will allow you to listen to them as well.

A few years ago, we only had control over the content on our own website. While this was an effective approach for some time, it is now viewed as a very one-way conversation. Previously, the only way for a user to interact with your business and share your message was via e-mail. But what if that user wanted to share your message with 500 people in their industry? Or even 50 of their closest friends? These days, sending a blanket e-mail to that many people is considered spam, and will likely be treated as such by your audience’s inboxes.

This is where Web 2.0 changed the way we communicate online. By giving companies the ability to listen to what their users are saying, we can have full conversations with our visitors and friends. A Facebook message can ask a question and solicit feedback, or inform your clients of new services, employment opportunities, or special prices. A 140-character Twitter “tweet” can rival billboard campaigns; a blog post can replace a newspaper article; a YouTube video can reach more people than a television commercial.

Instead of shouting out to the world and hoping they listen, let’s figure out who is interested in us, and then have a conversation with them. Call us for ideas, we can help.