Barguys is a startup that was looking for a professional, fun, and creative identity to stand out against the surrounding competition. During the brief it was clear that the rich history of alcohol would play a role in the design. Traditional yet modern, serious yet playful, and corporate yet independent. The logotype, Brandon Grotesque, was…

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IBM Platform Computing

IBM Platform Computing hired me full-time to keep guard over the corporate brand, design marketing collateral, assist in demand generation, and keep the website up-to-date with the latest content, design, SEO and usability standards. During my time at Platform I was privileged to work with a team of copywriters, printers, account executives, and marketing specialists…

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Allure Couture Jewelry

Allure Couture Jewelry is an online wholesale jewelry reseller who was looking to give their store a luxurious new look. The client requested the use of the color purple as it represents royalty and richness and used the words majestic & beautiful as descriptors during the brief. The logo features a hand-drawn horse rearing upwards…

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Johnston Health Center

The Johnston Health Center is a progressive chiropractic clinic that was interested in rebranding itself away from the traditional ‘medical’ look into a style that promotes healthy, active living. The new logo features a sans-serif / serif mix of typography with refreshing fills of green & blue and a logo mark character that replaces the…

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